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Verification Department 9 Mar Tips & Tricks

Please find below, detailed instructions including screenshots, of how to successfully merge two or more PDF documents into one single PDF Document.

The main documents that we are receiving un-merged are as follows : -

PAS2030 + Assurance Letter

Tech Works, Aka Pre Survey + Site Notes

HHCRO Evidence (I.e Land Registry + No Tenancy Form)

Verification Department 14 Jan Announcements

We would like to issue a polite reminder that all installers must ZIP their files into a ZIP Folder before uploading documents to Zendesk.

By Zipping the documents into a ZIP folder, this enables us to quickly download your files and verify them as soon as possible.

Currently we are seeing a lot of files being uploaded individually for each Address.

If you require any assistance with File Management, please do not hesitate to contact.

Verification Department 8 Jan Tips & Tricks

Please find below a PDF file with detailed instructions and screenshots of how to succesfully upload your tickets.

Verification Department 8 Jan Tips & Tricks

Please find a link below to the LSOA Checking Tool that is used by our very own Verification Team.

LSOA Checking Tool